Which Junk Car Removal Company will Buy Your Junk Car and Pay top Dollar for it ?

Are you looking for a Junk Car Removal company that will pay you cash for your old car in Georgia? A company that will pay you on the spot and remove your car at no cost? Let’s be real, every company doesn’t provide the same service, and most of all pay the same price. If you’re offered a price that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Generally, if a company will tow your car for free, they won’t pay you more than $350 for your car. – That’s a fact! Unless, your vehicle is a newer model (2004+) with minimal damage. Companies that don’t charge for towing will account for the towing expense before offering you a price. In my experience, you are better off choosing a company that offers free towing in their price because it will most likely cost you a lot more to tow it to them. I have junked a few cars in Georgia, and I’ve used more than one company to do so, but my favorite one is Junk Car Buyer GA. They’ve purchased several of my friends cars in Lawrenceville Georgia, in Sandy Springs Georgia, and in Atlanta Georgia as well. According to their website, they buy cars in almost every city in Metro Atlanta. The most I have witnessed them pay is $600 for a 2003 Ford Expedition with a bad Transmission; other companies were offering my friend $350 for the car, and they quoted us a price of $700, but paid us $600 after assessing the car. – The car was missing a tire, and a battery. So far, they are the most honest junk car removal company I have dealt with; they are punctual, honest, fast, and pay a fair price. I always refer my friends and family to them.