Has a mechanic ever told you that your car isn’t worth fixing? Has he said, it’s pretty much junk? Find out for yourself!

In the past, I have had many customers come to my repair shop telling me that the previous mechanic that looked at the car told them that their car was pretty much junk or obsolete. After thoroughly inspecting the car, I have found that many cars were repairable; if they were properly repaired, they still had a lot of life left in them. At times, a transmission issue is simply a matter of replacing internal sensors. Poorly maintained cars frequently have sensor’s failing; sensors generally range from $70 – $300. But, if your mechanic isn’t well equipped he won’t be able to effectively diagnose the vehicle to identify the part that needs to be repaired or replaced.

My advice on how you can make sure your car is really junk before selling it to a junk yard

When you car breaks down, don’t panic! Take your phone and Google automotive service excellence certified mechanic in your area. Then, search for bonded and insured towing company that can assist you immediately. – You don’t want to leave a car on the road for too long. If you leave it on the side of the highway or road for longer than two or three days, your vehicle will be impounded. Plus, unattended vehicle’s a frequently vandalized. In case you can’t have it towed immediately, make sure you don’t leave: your vehicle’s title, registration, and anything of value in the car. – Roll-up your windows, and lock your doors. Once your car is at an ASE certified mechanic shop, ask them what type of diagnostic tools they use. They should have at least three to four advanced diagnostic tools. Have them diagnose the vehicles faults, and ask them for a print-out, and a quote. Then, give that print-out to other ASE certified shops in the area, and ask them for a quote. If you get a cheaper price somewhere else, don’t get excited and immediately have the car towed to the other shop; ask the shop if they can match the price, or give you a discount.

If the vehicle is older than 11 years, I personally don’t spend more than $500 for repairs. After 10 years, the frequency of failing parts significantly increase. – You want to avoid digging a rut.

Last step, how to find Junk Yards that will come pick up the car from the repair shop for free

Oh dear Google, what would we do without your magnificent search engine? Go on Google , and search for junk car buyers in your area. Find out if they offer free junk car removal, and ask them if they will also pay for the car. Once you have found a junk yard that will pay and tow away, have your vehicle’s title and keys ready. – You can now sleep at ease, knowing that you didn’t sell a car with life left in it for junk.